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Members of Afforestation Committee (L to R) Ekwaro Brayan, Francis Juma and Wanjama James taking seedlings for planting Members of Afforestation Committee (L to R) Wanjama James, Francis Juma and Nsibambi Gonzaga planting seedlings


SMS Students and workers cutting firewood for kitchen, a task which will be significantly reduced since the installation of a new gas cooking system


Comprehensive Examinations aim at seeing whether the candidate has achieved personal assimilation and integration of various courses in Philosophy. On 29th of January, 2016 Philosophy department specified 20 theses (out of 40) to constitute syllabus for written and oral comprehensive examinations for the academic year 2015-2016.Two panels for oral examination were also formed. From 13th – 22nd of April ,2016 students had personal time to revise and prepare the 20 selected theses.

  • On Monday 25th of April, 2016 third year students sat for Comprehensive written examination. The morning was blessed with light showers. Students entered the examination room at 8.30 am for prayer and general instructions before the examination began. With them in the examination room were Fr. Evarist Shayo (the Rector, SMS); Fr. Joseph Shayo (Head of Department and Fr. Barnabas Kileu (Vice- Rector Academic).
  • After prayers and general instructions, three students volunteered to pick examination questions for the class. The first student, Owiti Ayoub Okecha picked question # 40 on African Philosophy; the second, Paul Waswa picked #20 on Political Philosophy. On this, students laughed and clapped their hands. This seems to suggest that they were comfortable with this choice. The third student, Elipenda Mboya picked question # 6 on Philosophy of Science.
  • After picking the 3 questions, students had 4hours (from 9.00am to 1.00pm) to attempt any of the three questions which were chosen.
  • Oral Comprehensive examination is scheduled from the 2nd to the 5th of May, 2016. During this period, Mr Francis Kamau from the Catholic University of East Africa will be present as an external examiner.
  • We wish the 2015- 2016 class all the best in there Comprehensive examinations.


Fr Barnabas Kileu, CSSp

Vice – Rector Academic

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The Spiritan Missionary Seminary – SMS – is a Philosophical Institute, which is owned and administered by the Congregation of the Holy Ghost, otherwise known as Spiritans.
The SMS is open to receive students from other Congregations and Society.