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Members of Afforestation Committee (L to R) Ekwaro Brayan, Francis Juma and Wanjama James taking seedlings for planting Members of Afforestation Committee (L to R) Wanjama James, Francis Juma and Nsibambi Gonzaga planting seedlings


SMS Students and workers cutting firewood for kitchen, a task which will be significantly reduced since the installation of a new gas cooking system


Guest of honor, Right Rev. Bishop Kimaro Rogath Bishop of Same Diocese, Rector Spiritan Misionary Seminary, Vice Rector Academics, Our Lecturers and Proffessors, Rectors and formattors of various communities, our esteemed Graduands, our distinguished guests ladies and gentlemen, fellow students of Spiritan Missionary Seminary, I salute you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is a great day indeed as we celebrate the graduation of our brothers, class of 2016. On a day like this last year, I stood infront of those who were around to say some words, it was so easy given the capacity under which I was speaking, today it is more complicated but I will say something to the graduands, all the elites and my other fellow students continuing with studies here. To the graduands, we thank you for all you have done during your stay with us at SMS. We congratulate you upon all the various achievements you have reached especially today as you graduate. Feel happy for this great step you have achieved in your life, I know you have been resilient and patient, this is proved today, I have experienced your daily toiling for at least two years. You deserve merit for this milestone. At this juncture, everything may seem right, you may not worry about yesterday, that is, the time of your study, for you feel you have produced the best you can, this feling as said by Doug Atchison is love; it comes when true appreciation of your efforts and those who help you reaches fulfilment.

You are going out of Spiritan Missionary Seminary, you are our witnesses, not only as former members of SMS, but also as elites of this world. In his Philosophy of education Jean Piaget said, “education is capable of saving and transforming our societies from possible collapse.” With your education, you ought to be light of this world, you should be a true asset in the society, this means you have to transcend any feeling, experience, reality in you and in the society that you may better it. If after your education, especially in Philosophy, you have not transcended your emotions, negative feelings, bias, this time might have been a wasted moment of your life and those who have taught you could then, have squandered their time too. In tranforming and lighting up the world, you must fight all the negative aspects first in you. You must be witnesses of the intellectual conversion you have received while at SMS.

Your bachelors degree is not a gateway to boasting or prejudice, it rather gives you more qualification for your service in the church and the world, and most importantly, for your own intellectual and Religious conversion. Woe to you, and indeed any educated person, who abuses the reality of his or her education to worsen the society, woe to you if you do not witness to your education rightly, woe to you if you abuse your offices given to you by the merit of your education, woe to you if you do not witness to the values you have learnt while at SMS. You ought to witness to your education and to your institute. Your success opens a door to further steps in your life, remember the artist Young Money said, “every finish line is a beginning of a new race.”

To my classmates, former second years and former first years, we have moved a notch higher, let us keep up with what our brothers have done, let us keep the candle lighting. It is now our turn to show up that we can do even better.

My last point will center on our need to be focused. To drive it home, I will tell a story I told last year on graduation day. “a village groomed man went into a city to find a job. He was told to clean glass windows of a 6 storied building. One day, while cleaning, he saw his brother down on the streeet walking. He shouted at him, trying to seek his attention but in vain, the more he shouted, the more he irritated those at the building, including the manager. The manager, to solve the problem of noise, gave him a binoculars. When the villager looked into the binoculars, he saw his brother nearer, he reduced the tone and even tried to hug the brother who was seemingly near, he ended up falling from the 6th storey to the ground and thus ended his life”

We should focus on the world as it is not as we want it to be, our ideas must be transformed into realities which will better us and our society. We should focus on the world with natural eyes of reality, not with binoculars, nor with magnifying glasses, that is, not with our fantasies. We shall make it to the top and just as Patience Ozokwor a Nigerian movie actress said during an interview with Citizen TV Kenya, “the sky is not the limit ooo”, we can go beyond to reach our desired excellence in resilience, patience, determination, frankness and openness to learn.

I remain yours fraternally in service

Br. Nkoyooyo Ignatius Kolbe a.a.

Guild President Spritan Missionary Seminary 2015-2016.


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The Spiritan Missionary Seminary – SMS – is a Philosophical Institute, which is owned and administered by the Congregation of the Holy Ghost, otherwise known as Spiritans.
The SMS is open to receive students from other Congregations and Society.