The Vice Rector Academic will give out registration forms to the Rectors of the respective houses of formation, who will present to the Seminary at least one week before the beginning of the academic year. At the opening of the Academic Year, candidates must register by duly completing the Registration Form.

 Requests for transcripts should be accompanied by specific information as to where the transcripts should be sent.


 The Spiritan Missionary Seminary allows transfers from other recognized institutions. A transferred student is not required to retake similar units already successfully completed at the previous institution. The lowest grade for acceptable transfer units is C. However, not more than half of the units are accepted for transfer.

 Grades obtained in other institutions will not be considered in the calibration of the student’s average grade before graduation but be given EXEMPTION. Only marks obtained at Spiritan Missionary Seminary will be used.

 In order to sit for the BA degree, at least two years of studies in Spiritan Missionary Seminary is required.
  To qualify for the internal diploma a student must spend two years in the programme.

 Conditions  and  apply only to students who transfer from other Institutions.

 Students transferring into Spiritan Missionary Seminary must furnish official transcripts showing the records of all previous studies.

All requests for exemptions must be submitted to the Vice Rector Academic at the time of application with a syllabus of the course.

 A transferred student missing subjects in the programme is obliged to make up for the lack  in either one of  the following two ways:

(a) By attending classes in those subjects, or
(b) Through supervised tutorials arranged by the  Vice Rector Academic.


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Our Status

The Spiritan Missionary Seminary – SMS – is a Philosophical Institute, which is owned and administered by the Congregation of the Holy Ghost, otherwise known as Spiritans.
The SMS is open to receive students from other Congregations and Society.