Diploma in Philosophy and Religious Studies

A student is required to present official certificates that would qualify him/her for  entry  to a Diploma course in public University in his/her country of origin or residence. An adequate level of English language proficiency is required and proof of competence may be required.

B. A. in Philosophy

A student is required to present official certificates necessary for enrolment in a civil university of the country of origin/residence. Photocopies are not acceptable. An adequate level of English language proficiency is required and proof of competence may be required.

Duration of B.A. in Philosophy/Diploma in Philosophy and Religious Studies

The duration of study for BA in Philosophy and Diploma in Religious Studies shall extend over a period of three years, that is, six semesters of 16 weeks each.

Credit hours

All units are taught in Credits, a Credit being defined as the equivalent of one contact hour per week.

 Student Assessment Policy

There are two modes of assessing students: Continuous Assessment Tests (CATS) and end-of - Semester Examinations. Continuous Assessment Tests shall account for 30% of the total marks while end-of-semester examinations shall account for 70% of the total marks.

 Evaluation of Teaching

At the end of each semester, students evaluate each course in terms of challenge, relevance, materials, books and related matters by using the Likert scale closed question evaluation form. Space is provided on the back of the evaluation form for further comments pertaining to academic matters.

 Grading System

Examinations are marked and the marks are translated into the following letter grades:
70 and above:                First Class Honours (High Distinction A) equivalent to Summa Cum Laude. This category is awarded to a candidate who has shown exceptional ability. Marks in this range are exceptional and are assigned for academic performance of outstanding comprehension, originality, research and presentation.

60 - 69: Upper Second Class Honours (Distinction B) equivalent to Magna Cum Laude. This range of marks is reserved for students who show a profound understanding of the subject, exhibiting both originality and clarity of expression.

50 - 59: Lower Second Class Honours (Merit C) equivalent to Cum Laude Probates. This range is reserved for students whose performance indicates sound understanding and knowledge of the subject matter, with a clear style of expression that is easily read.

40 - 49: Pass (D) equivalent to Probatus. This category represents a work that is marginally worthy of a passing grade; assigned to students who are assessed as not having an adequate grasp of the subject matter and whose academic performance calls for marked improvement.

39 and below: Fail (F) equivalent to Non Probatus. No degree is awarded. It is reserved for students who show a serious deficiency in understanding the subject matter, who simply do not grasp the question at hand. The signs are confusion and contradiction in presentation and/or inability to express oneself adequately.



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Our Status

The Spiritan Missionary Seminary – SMS – is a Philosophical Institute, which is owned and administered by the Congregation of the Holy Ghost, otherwise known as Spiritans.
The SMS is open to receive students from other Congregations and Society.