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Members of Afforestation Committee (L to R) Ekwaro Brayan, Francis Juma and Wanjama James taking seedlings for planting Members of Afforestation Committee (L to R) Wanjama James, Francis Juma and Nsibambi Gonzaga planting seedlings


SMS Students and workers cutting firewood for kitchen, a task which will be significantly reduced since the installation of a new gas cooking system




Football Match against NMAIST
On 28th September 2013 we had our sport in. This time we invite the Nelson Mandela Africa Institute of Science and Technology. The visitors arrived around 2.30 pm and they were welcome well. According to the letter we wrote to them we agreed that, we shall play with them tree games that is football, basketball and volleyball. But unfortunately they didn’t show up enough players as therefore we had to play football only. The football game started at 2.50 pm. Both teams showed a nice and competitive game with the heist degree of discipline amongst the players, the game went on well and the end results were NMAIST 2 SMS 1. From these results, that means the visitors won, and we so congratulate them.

After the match we all met in dining hall where we had sharing accompanied with soft drinks. The after the sharing we gathered for a group photo, everyone was very happy and the visitors started their journey back home.

Indeed, we that all the teams for their active participation and the sense of maturity they demonstrated in and outside the pitch. May God bless them all and bless Spiritan Missionary Seminary.

By Plato Ndetembea
Sport Minister.


the-class-of-2013After three years of hardwork and focused striving, the 2010 - 2013 class arrive at the climax of their academic journey at Spiritan Missionary Seminary. As the Gospel says many are called but few are chosen, about 40 students began their journey on 14th of August 2010. Today as we celebrete the 25th graduation, 31 young men made it to end. It is our hope and expectation that the intellectual, spiritual and human formation they received at Spiritan Missionary Seminary will enable them to face the challenges of the globalized and secularized world of today. We wish them God's abundant blessing in their next stage.




Third year students begin their Comprehensive exams

The academic year that on the 14th of August 2012, is now approaching its end. This is signalled by the beginning of the comprehensive exams for the third year students. The journey that began in August 2010 is approaching to the end. After months of intensive studies, group discussions and presentations, today on the 20th April, they start the written comprehensive exams. The morning hours appear to be a bit tense. Everyone was thinking about what question could be picked up. The system is that twenty questions are put in a box, and then three are picked by chance by three students. A student is supposed to attempt only one question out of the three questions. They will have four hours to answer such a question. As from 8.30am most of the students have already arrived, waiting in front of the class room. Five minutes to nine the door of the classroom was open. Every student took his seat calmly. One of the students was requested to begin the day with a word of prayer. Joseph Mathias in his prayer invoked the assistance of the Holy Spirit so that they may remember what they have read and that they may pick questions that they thought to be good. After the prayer, the vice rector academics gave the necessary instructions. Then the time for picking the questions came. Questions number three (logic), eight (epistemology) and sixteen(Philosophical anthropology) were chosen. They clapped with sense of relief. For the oral comprehensives will begin on the 29th of April 2013. We wish them all the best in this important event of their academic life at SMS.


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The Spiritan Missionary Seminary – SMS – is a Philosophical Institute, which is owned and administered by the Congregation of the Holy Ghost, otherwise known as Spiritans.
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