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  JusticsspYour honourable district commissioner, the very reverend chairperson of the board of governors, dear colleagues in the teaching staff, supporting staff, parents, friends, students and our esteemed graduands, I take this opportunity on behalf of the entire SMS family to welcome you to this 25th graduation ceremony. We thank you for leaving everything aside and come to celebrate together the achievement of these young men.

 First of all, I would like to introduce to you, our guest of Honour, Mr. Mongela who is the district commissioner for Arusha—karibu sana mheshimiwa, the chairperson of the board of governors, Rev. Fr. Martin Keane who is also the superior of the Holy Ghost Fathers in Kenya. He was our main celebrant, the members of the teaching staff and other formators with whom we collaborate in the process of formation.   

Honourable quest of honour, today 31 young men from different religious congregations and dioceses are graduating after three years of philosophical and religious studies in our seminary. The three years of their stay in the seminary were not only for intellectual formation, but as well for spiritual and human formation. They were formed so that they can be men who are competent, hardworking and ready for everything in the world of today with so many challenges both economically and spiritually. Majority of them will continue with priestly/religious formation in their respective religious congregations and dioceses. Others, after deep reflection, have decided or advised to take another direction of life outside religious/priestly life. We hope both groups will use the formation and knowledge they received in the seminary in order to bring about holistic transformation in the society either as futures priests or engaged laity.          

I would like to thank first of all, the parents whose education and upbringing to their sons, was the basis of their vocation. The family is the garden of any good Christian, religious and priestly vocation. The examples that you gave them were the foundation of the formation that they received later on and will continue to receive in their vocation journey. We as formators, we only continue where you had begun. If the foundation was bad, then it becomes difficult for us to form them. Thank you for such foundation that you have laid down. The work is not over, but continues. So we request you to continue to support them in whatever means possible.

            To the superiors, rectors of different houses of formation, bishops and all other staff, a word of thanks for your contribution in your different capacities to form these young men till where they have reached. Each one of you contributed immensely to what they are today. May God reward you all.

            To our esteemed graduands, today you have accomplished one stage of your life. However, the end of one stage is the beginning of the new one. It is our hope that the knowledge and formation that you have received at SMS will help you to be good witnesses of the gospel truth wherever you will be and in whatever capacity. The world needs true witnesses of the gospel values. In the context of negative secularism, relativism and corruption, you are called to witness your faith in your way of being different from what the world is trying to propose. You are called to show the true altruistic spirit that the late father of the nation of Tanzania Mwl. Julius Kambarage Nyerere showed us. It is that spirit of selflessness as Christ that you are called to witness. You are called to be true salt and light of the world. The philosophical studies that you received here are meant to help you to be reflective and questioning in your way of being and doing. “I think, so I am”. The question is what are you thinking about? Is it something that puts the dignity of the human person at the centre or not.

            Last but not least, I would thank everyone who in one way or another contributed to the success of this day: the secretariat, bursar’s office, catering team, decoration team, music, choir, ushers, the various committees who oversaw the coordination of various activities etc.

 Kwako Mheshimiwa mkuu wa wilaya tunalo ombi juu ya barabara yetu. Kwnza hongera kwako na viongozi wenzako kwenye ngazi ya Wilaya, Manispaa and Mkoa kwa kuweka lami barabara nyingi mjini ambazo zimepunguza tatizo la msongamano wa magari mjini. Jiji la Arusha limepanuliwa na maeneo ya makazi yameongezeka vilevele. Barabara inayokuja seminari na kuvuka kwenda ngambo ya pili ambako jiji limepanukia, imekuwa kero hasa wakati wa mvua. Tunaomba muiweke kwenye mipango ijayo ya kuweka lami baadhi ya maenneo ya jiji kwa kipindi kijacho.

Thank you very, asanteni sana.

Fr. Justi Tarimo,CSSp


 CAYUSThe Guest of Honor, Mr. Mongela; Rev. Fr. Justi Tarimo, The Rector SMS; Vice Rector Academic-Rev. Fr. Mawazo Kavula; The Rectors of our different Formation Houses, Superiors and Formatters of various Religious Congregations; Priests and Religious; our beloved guests; ladies and gentlemen; my dear fellow graduands and students….Good afternoon?

It is our pleasure to be here today as a family to share the joys emanating from our academic endeavors. We begun this journey some three years ago (14th August, 2010) with our anxious minds intently fixed on an unknown destiny. It has been an expedition characterized by wonder and contemplation on fundamental realities (man, world and God). In this journey we toiled tirelessly, trans-nighted in the search of our true existence in the light of the Absolute. Congrats my dear brothers.

Our academic endeavors both in Religious Studies and Philosophy kept us in an equilibrium in the sense that, while in Philosophy we did question and argue about everything leaving nothing to exception. On the other hand, the Religious Studies prompted us to another extreme in which faith reigned. Faith enabled us to believe in the Revealed Truth. To our advantage, the Institute gave us an opportunity to learn new languages: French and Latin. We really appreciate this. More so, the electives and seminars we had helped us to diversify our knowledge and embrace realities around us such as the notion of globalization. Having appropriated this knowledge I poist that it will remain a treasure in us.

In addition, we participated actively in different activities. They include: Games, Cultural days, Symposiums, the Silver Jubilee, Philosophical debates, among others. Apart from these we ventured into writing Philosophical articles that were published in our Institute Magazine: The Examined Life. It is my contention then, that through these activities we will be able to project ourselves to any future possibilities and authenticate our very existence.


Since, Becoming involves change; there must be some grounding subject able to endure change from contrary to contrary. The Philosopher can show this in two ways: first, by noting that one contrary does not become its opposite. Secondly, by indicating that throughout any change, there is something in the end product that has remained. So in the Becoming, thought and action are important. The future relies on us. For as much as SMS can do and must do, it is ultimately the faith and determination of us all upon which this Institute relies. It is possible that our challenges are new, then it is of necessity that the instruments with which we meet them may be new. But, those values upon which our success depends: hard work and honesty, courage and fair play, tolerance, curiosity, and determination-are true. It is my conviction that these values can be a quiet force of progress. Besides, what is required of us now is a new epoch or rather era of responsibility- a recognition, on the part of everyone, that we have duties to ourselves, our Institute, the society and the world at large, duties that we do not grudgingly accept but rather seize gladly, firm in the knowledge that there is nothing so satisfying to the spirit, so defining of our character, than giving our all to a difficult task. This is the source of our confidence- the knowledge that God calls on us to shape an uncertain destiny. Besides, we long to see SMS a better place in the future. For it thus to assume this, we request that the system of choosing electives and seminars be reviewed to avoid unnecessary frustrations.


For the SMS then, this is a new dawn. The time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit; to choose our better history; to carry forward our Institute, a precious gift where all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness through sound intellectual pursuits. As we consider the road that unfolds before us, I remember with humble gratitude our Rector, Vice-Rector and all the teaching staff. I honor them because they embody the spirit of service; a willingness to find meaning in something greater than themselves. Moreover, we know that our patchwork heritage is strength, not weakness. We are an Institute of diversification. We are shaped by every language and culture, drawn from different parts of this globe. Thence, let us put aside all that threatens to put asunder our unity; knowing that the one who has called us here and united us is greater than that which may separate us. However, we are sorry for any inconveniences which might have occurred during our stay here. Our appreciation goes to the Rectors and Superiors of the different Religious communities for assisting us in one way or another. To our brothers in first and second years- may God be with you in your studies. To the Students Council, the choir and the different committees that worked hard to make this day a success; feel appreciated and be blest abundantly.

            Finally, as we go out there, we look at the past with gratitude; thank the Almighty for the present in which we have to make sound existential choices and gaze or gawk into the future with hope and courage. Hope and Virtue should be for us all a call to action. In the face of our common dangers, let us remember these timeless words. With Hope and Virtue, let us stand out and bear witness to what we have known and believe in; with eyes fixed on the horizon and God’s grace upon us-let us work for the extension of God’s Kingdom in and around us. I hope the knowledge we have gained so far will impel us to embrace the great Causes of God and Man and thus go wherever God is threatened in man and man as the image of God. Thank you for listening to me……be blessed abundantly.

Cayus Maticha Nyarombe

11th May, 2013.


 President of the Students'Council

AYUBGuest of honour and all the distinguished guests, rector of S.M.S, vice rector academic, lecturers, our beloved grandaunds and the whole student body, good afternoon.

It is indeed a good afternoon and a joyous day as we celebrate the graduation ceremony for this year. This is a time that we not only celebrate the crossing over of our brothers in whose name we are gathered here today but we also celebrate the beautiful work of the dedicated lecturers who have given themselves selflessly for the general good of these young men before us today. We also celebrate the protection that the Almighty Father has granted unto us as we know that human life today is buffeted by various forces of destruction, but thank God, we are still alive. It is also the day to acknowledge the quality of education that is rendered by S.M.S. To the guest of honour and to other visitors with us today, we would wish that you know that we admit the great things that various institutions of higher learning do in terms purporting intellectual maturity, and one of those institutions is S.M.S. This has, however not come on silver Plate, neither has it been achieved over night, but through unwavering determination of the founders and their successors who have spent sleepless nights for such heights to be reached. For that reason, we are here today celebrating those successes.

To our grandaunds, we acknowledge that we are here today because of you. Because you have overcome any sort of challenges that could come on your way during this three year period. We believe that you have learnt many ideas from many people including ideas from interaction between you and yourself. This is the time to put that into practice, but you should avoid a situation where learnt ideas paralyse your normal functioning. Wise men would tell you that bureaucracy of ideas is an equivalent of deficit of common sense. We have come from far and we still have a long way to cover. Having the right and relevant ideologies will be very instrumental in determining how we will fuse in our next environment. The end of every event simply marks the beginning of another.

Lastly, I would wish to say thank you to all our visitors present here today, we appreciate your presence and once again, we say welcome and enjoy the beauty of SM.S. I as well extend our gratitude to the teaching and non teaching staff; your role of ensuring that these gentlemen become what they have become reveals nothing less than self sacrifice. May God reward you. To the rest of our brothers, we also thank ourselves for the role we have played in making this day a success and I know that our proper reward is eternal bliss. Let us keep the faith burning and let us not allow ourselves to be cajoled into bowing to the patterns of this world. Thank you all and may God see us through our endeavors.

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