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     Rector’s Speech on the 26th Graduation Ceremony:- 10/5/2014

 justi Very reverend Fr. Philip Massawe the coordinator of education and formation in the Congregation of the Holy Ghost(Spiritans) in Rome and our |guest of honour in this 26th graduation ceremony, very reverend Fr. Amandus Kapele the representative of the board of governors and provincial superior of the Spiritans in Tanzania, my colleagues in the teaching and support staff, parents of our graduands, friends, relatives, esteemed guests, ladies and gentlemen; it is with great honour I welcome you all to this 26th graduation ceremony of our young men. We know you spare part of you most valuable time and put aside all others activities that you could have been doing now in order to grace this big day for our graduands. On behalf of the entire seminary community and on my own personal behalf, I would like to welcome you all at SMS. Some of you have travelled long distances to reach this place. This is a positive sign of how you value us and the work we are doing here of preparing the workers for the Lord’s vineyard. In a particular way, to you Very Rev. Fr. Massawe, our Guest of honour, I would like to express special gratitude for setting aside your time to grace our event. I know the tight schedule you have ahead of you, yet you were able to set a bit of time for this. We feel honoured to welcome you not only as a guest of honour, but as well as the former rector and the longest serving former rector so far. KARIBU NYUMBANI!

          At this point, I would like to introduce to you my colleagues in the teaching staff-

Rev. Fr. honour, today we have 16 young men who have successfully completed the three year program in Philosophy and Religious Studies. We ask you to award them their diplomas. As we are affiliated to the Catholic University of Eastern Africa-CUEA, they sat as well for the BA degree in philosophy whose graduation will take place at Lang’ata campus in Nairobi on the 3rd of October 2014. They began their journey in August 2011 while they were 28 students. The ups and downs of the journey, has left them 16. We congratulate them for their strong spirit of resilience and perseverance. They were determined and focused in spite of the challenges that they met on the way.

          Rev. Fr., in the year 2005, the Government of Tanzania passed a law that is commonly referred as “University Act” that demands that every institution that offers degree program either by affiliation or on its own to be registered under the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU). TCU is the accreditation authority that controls the quality of university education in the country. We have already begun the process of registration of SMS and we are in an advanced stage.

          To my beloved graduands; I would like to congratulate you for your determination, perseverance and efforts that you have shown for these past three years to have been in the seminary. Your efforts and hard work were not in vain. They are visible in both academic performance and in your spirit of togetherness as a class. The philosophical knowledge that you acquired in the course of the past three years is not to remain in academic papers that you will receive today and later on from CUEA. It is to help you wherever you will be to continue to search for what is true, good and beautiful and to defend it at all cost. It is to enable you to be in position to distinguish between the artificiality and the authenticity. As Jesus teaches, the truth will set you free. The spiritual formation that you received is meant to help you to continue to discover the love of God in your life and accompany others wherever you will be to discover the same. It is allow you to be people who are rooted in faith not just empty intellectuals. The human formation you go through is meant to help you first to be at peace with yourselves and with others. It is to allow you to continue to discover your possible wounded-ness so as to start the process of healing and become better persons who can serve the Lord and his people whole heartedly. You have completed you exams successfully and today you are graduating, but the exam of life begins now: be wise and prudent in whatever situation you will be, be guided by the word of God and philosophical wisdom. For those who will continue with the journey to priestly/religious/missionary vocation, I pray for you that you may continue to be generous with your life, to be Eucharist as Christ was so that you may be faithful labourers in the vine yard of the Master. For those after discernment have discovered a different direction, I pray for you as well that wherever you will be, your life may reflect the education and formation that you have received from SMS.

          Last but not least, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to the entire teaching and supporting staff for the good cooperation and contribution that they have made to the life of these 16 young men who are graduating today for the past three years. A word of gratitude to all who in one way or another worked tirelessly to prepared this day-both the staff and students as well as those who were hired for various services. A special word to the secretariat for the long hours they spent in preparing all the necessary documents for the graduation. To the graduating class for their positive contribution they have made in SMS in the past three years. I swish you all good celebration and safe journey to your respective destinations.

May God bless you all!

Fr. Justi Tarimo,CSSp


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The Spiritan Missionary Seminary – SMS – is a Philosophical Institute, which is owned and administered by the Congregation of the Holy Ghost, otherwise known as Spiritans.
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